This is a joint website for the public libraries in the county of Vestfold.

The libraries in Vestfold are:

Andebu Library
Hof Library
Holmestrand Library
Horten Library with the branch in Åsgårdstrand
Lardal Library
Larvik Library with the branches in Stavern and Hvarnes
Re Library
Sande Library
Sandefjord Library
Stokke Library
Svelvik Library
Tjøme Library
Tønsberg and Nøtterøy Library



Search and discover books, films and music in our shared online catalogue. You may search a specific library catalogue by choosing one of the libraries from the menu, or from the map.


About the Libraries

By choosing a library from the map at the front page, you find information about locations, opening hours, e-mail and phonenumbers.


Borrowing regulations

The right to borrow books and other items

Borrowing books and other materials at the library is free of charge.

You can borrow books and return them at every library in Vestfold.

You can request books from other libraries.

Not complying with borrowing rules will lead to loss or reduction of your borrowing privileges.

Library cards

The library card is free. You must show a valid ID and agree to abide by the library’s rules in order to obtain a card.

Children under the age of 15 must have a parent’s signed permission.

You must always bring your library card with you to borrow books and other items. The card is not transferable and you are responsible for all loans registered on it.

Report at once to the library:

  • Any changes of name/address
  • Change of e-mail address/telephone number
  • Loss of the library card

A new replacement card will be issued to replace one that is lost or damaged, for a small fee.

Borrowing periods

The normal borrowing period is four weeks. However, some items may have a shorter borrowing period. Loans without a waiting list can usually be extended.

You will normally pay a fee when returning overdue books and materials. Lost or damaged items must be replaced.


Films and games borrowed at the library are for personal use only. The age limit is quoted on the cover. The library is not responsible for any damage caused to the user’s technical equipment.


National library card

We offer a national library card as your ordinary library card to the public over the age of fifteen. The national library card enables the holder to borrow books, films and music from most Norwegian libraries.


Interlibrary loan

We provide interlibrary loans for material we do not have in our libraries.


Other services

On this website you find information about the variety of services that are provided by the Vestfold libraries. This information is unfortunately in Norwegian. Please contact our libraries for the information you need, concerning:

  • Events
  • Managing your loans
  • Applying for a library card
  • Access to databases
  • Copies and printouts
  • Computers and access to the Internet
  • Newspapers
  • and any other questions you may have
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